Fibre Optic Cold Cure Termination Tool Kit

Allows on-site installers to terminate fibre cable without the need for a curing oven
Fibre Optic Cold Cure Termination Tool Kit


  • Hard Case
  • Tool Bag Foam
  • 1.25mm Polishing Jig
  • 2.5mm Polishing Jig
  • Extra Durable Cleanroom Wipes
  • IPA saturated Cleaning Wipes
  • Miller Bi Hole Stripper
  • Small Fibre Disposable unit
  • Miller Kevlar shears
  • 400x Mag Microscope
  • Scripe Pen
  • Loctite Anarobic Adhesive 680
  • Loctite Anarobic Adhesive 7649
  • Polishing Paper 5um
  • Polishing Paper 0.03um
  • Polishing Paper 30um
  • Polishing Mat
  • Needle & Syringe


If you run out of anything included in the kit, all items are sold seperately for replenishment.

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