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  1. Leader Optec Partner With The Number One MPO Test Equipment Manufacturer

    Leader Optec Partner With The Number One MPO Test Equipment Manufacturer
    At Leader Optec we have a history of committing to industry-leading technology and first-of-their-kind products. Developing one of the UK’s first MPO termination facilities in 2013, before launching the MTP® in 2014 and our own Lite Linke MTP® solutions in 2015 we have been fervent in our strive for optical ingenuity, whilst staying true to our reputation as Experts in...
  2. Dedication at its Finest

    Dedication at its Finest
    Paul and Laurie from Leader Optec Ltd would like to say a huge thank you to our long-serving employees for their many years of continued dedication and commitment. Firstly, thank you to Barry Williams, Mike Aitken, Jo Griffiths, Martin Edwards, Mike Holland and Steven Jones, for over 10 years of fantastic service. Another great thank you to Dave Aitken, Paul...
  3. ISO9001:2015 Announcement

    ISO9001:2015 Announcement
    Over the last few months, Leader Optec has been working towards transitioning to the latest BS EN ISO9001;2015 quality management qualification. Barry Williams, Quality Manager said ‘’ Not only was this our three year re-certification, it was also our transition year so I’m delighted to announce we passed with flying colours, with no non-conformances or observations. I’d like to thank...
  4. UK Manufacture of Pre-terminated Assemblies

    UK Manufacture of Pre-terminated Assemblies
    UK Manufacture offers the flexibility for bespoke assemblies, customising to your customers specifications and providing more efficient installations. Leader Optec's testing parameters offer reliability, knowing that we exceed industry standards in all our pre-terminated solutions.
  5. Glossary of terms

    A ABSORPTION LOSSES – (Light losses attenuation) normally caused by impurities such as transition metals, neighbouring elements, water and intrinsic metal absorption. APC - Angled Physical Contact. These connectors are finished with a surface at an angle (typically 8) to the orthogonal plane of the alignment axis and are available with a Return Loss of <60dB (Typical <65dB) (see also PC and...

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