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Adjustable Wire Stripper & Cutter (Miller® 100)
  • Ideal when stripping fiber optic buffer jackets or tubing • Capable of stripping..
Ex Tax: £5.72
Fibre Optic Continuity Tester (Miller® CCT-2)
  Fibre Optic Continuity Tester delivering a high intensity red LED light source ins..
Ex Tax: £63.27
Fibre Optic Stripper (Miller® FO 103-S)
  Strips 250 micron buffer coating from 125 micron fibre Also known as the..
Ex Tax: £32.45
Fibre Optic Stripper | Dual Hole | (Miller® CFS-2 900)
  First hole strips 250 and 900 micron buffer from 125 micron fibre Second..
Ex Tax: £19.85
Fibre Optic Stripper | Dual Hole | (Miller® CFS-2)
  First hole strips 250 micron buffer coating from 125 micron fibre using 140 µ..
Ex Tax: £19.85
Kevlar® Scissors (Miller® KS-1)
  Kevlar Scissors (Miller KS-1) Strong, light, comfortable Kevlar cutting scisso..
£15.40 £12.26
Ex Tax: £10.22
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Kevlar® Shears (Miller® KC699)
  Oversized molded handles for operator comfort Blades are hardened stainl..
Ex Tax: £11.58
RJ Style Ratcheting Crimping Tool (8P 6P 4P) (Miller® RJC)
  Crimps RJ10, RJ11, RJ12, RJ22, and RJ45 modular RJ connectors (4P, 6P, 8P) ..
Ex Tax: £33.10
BT/RJ Crimp Tool (Miller® BTC)
  BT/RJ style crimp tool capable of crimping BT 430A/431A, BT 630A, RJ 11/12 and RJ4..
Ex Tax: £33.10
Data Cable Stripper (Miller® Smart Strip)
  Accurately strips all types of standard insulated cable between 0.03 to 0.39 inche..
Ex Tax: £7.24
Electronic/Kevlar Scissors (Miller® 86) 1/2SF
  The 86 1/2SF Kevlar shears have a high leverage cutting action ideal for cutting, ..
Ex Tax: £19.40
Fibre Optic Crimp Tool (Miller®)
  Ratcheting action crimp tool for positive, full cycle crimping of fiber optic conn..
Ex Tax: £38.62
Fibre Optic Kevlar Cutter (Miller® FOKC)
  Specifically designed to cut Kevlar found in optical fibre cables High l..
Ex Tax: £21.38
Splicer's Kit (Miller®)
The splicer's kit contains a scissors for splicing wire and stripping insulation, and a precision..
Ex Tax: £22.21
Splicer's Knife (Miller®)
    Tough, Coping-Style Blade Forged Steel Full-Size, H..
Ex Tax: £8.65
Splicer's Scissors (Miller®)
    Multi-purpose service tool All exterior surfaces and interior..
Ex Tax: £11.63
Splicer's Scissors Ergo (Miller®)
    ERGO Scissors have the same quality features as 925CS Ergonom..
Ex Tax: £14.30
Fibre Tube Scoring Tool (Miller® FTS 1.6 - 6mm)
  Score buffer tubes in one simple step, eliminating the need for multiple tools ..
Ex Tax: £15.84
Mid-Span Access Tool for 1.9 - 3.0mm (Miller® MSAT-5)
  Creates precise opening at the mid-span of loose buffer tubes to acces optical fib..
Ex Tax: £68.82
Round Cable Jacket Stripper (Miller® MK02)
  Hand held cable and wire stripper strips insulation jackets from 4.5-28.5mm ..
Ex Tax: £21.27
Stripper and Cutter (Miller® 721, 821 & 921)
  The Miller 721 can strip and cut wire sizes between 20 - 10 AWG (0.8 - 2.6 mm) ..
Ex Tax: £9.20
Utility Cutter (Miller® 60)
  Cuts stranded wire from #22 AWG (0.65 mm) up to #12 AWG (2.3 mm) Utility..
Ex Tax: £9.30